Rebecca Pidgeon is an actress and singer/songwriter. She has starred in acclaimed feature films (The Spanish Prisoner, Heist, Red), TV shows (Phil Spector, The Unit), and on stage at venerable theatres across the globe (Speed the Plow, Royal National Theatre, London; The Old Neighborhood, The Booth Theatre, Broadway). Pidgeon’s prolific work as a songwriter and vocalist is akin to her mesmerizing performances on camera. In 2019, Pidgeon released two critically-acclaimed studio albums, Sudden Exposure to Light and Comfort, which follows a celebrated recording career with producers such as Thomas Bartlett and Larry Klein that includes the releases Bad Poetry, Slingshot, (Grammy award nominated), Behind the Velvet Curtain, (used on the soundtrack of the film Redbelt), The Raven, (used on the soundtrack of the film Phil Spector), Tough on Crime, and others. In autumn 2022, she released her latest album, Parts of Speech, Pieces of Sound — her most ambitious album yet featuring lush string arrangements, drum ensembles, and Eastern-leaning instrumentation under the co-production mastery of Pidgeon and Fernando Perdomo.      

It's been quite a journey for Rebecca. Born in Cambridge, MA and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland, she gravitated towards music as a child. Mom and dad introduced her to the likes of The Beatles, while she eventually discovered artists ranging from Kate Bush to Siousxie and the Banshees on her own. She fronted the band Ruby Blue for two records before relocating to the United States where she launched her solo career. Fan favorite LPS followed such as The Raven [1994], The New York Girls’ Club [1996], The Four Marys [1998], Tough On Crime [2000], and Behind the Velvet Curtain [2008]—which contributed four songs to the critically acclaimed film Red Belt. The ensuing decade saw her release Slingshot [2011], Blue Dress On [2013], Bad Poetry [2014], and Sudden Exposure to Light [2019]. Praising the latter, American Songwriter affirmed, “She’s the real deal,” and Glide Magazine noted, “Pidgeon’s prolific work as a songwriter and vocalist is akin to the self-immersion she undertakes for her mesmerizing performances on camera.” 

Speaking of, she has captivated audiences on-screen as a sought-after film and television actress. Among dozens of credits, she has graced the screen in celebrated classics such as The Spanish Prisoner [1997], The Winslow Boy [1998],  State and Main [2000], and Heist [2001] opposite the likes of Gene Hackman, William H. Macy, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Philip Seymour Hoffman. Additionally, she has appeared in blockbusters a la Red [2010] and NETFLIX’s Bird Box [2018], to name a few.