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Release Date: January 1, 2012
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Album Review

She’s been recording music for more than 20 years, but acclaimed singer-songwriter Rebecca Pidgeon had a creative breakthrough as she began working on the album “Slingshot,” her compelling sixth solo effort.

“I reached a point where I felt I had to take it more seriously and really make a 100% commitment to it, instead of saying this is something I do that’s not acting,” says Pidgeon. “I finally said to myself, ‘I am a singer and I’m really going to work on my voice. I’m really going to work on my playing, and I’m really going to own it’.”

Pidgeon does, indeed, “own it” on “Slingshot,” an intoxicatingly adult pop album that explores the intricate arc of love from desire to longing to despair. “I love the concept of the word ‘slingshot.’ It’s arresting. It’s such an unusual word to have in a love song,” she says of the buoyant title track: “‘I’m the rock and you’re the slingshot and you sling me into the stratosphere of joy’.”

Other standouts include the yearning “Sweet Hand of Mercy,” that recalls Joan Osborne; the electric, driving “Disintegration Man,” the jazzy, noir-ish “A Lonely Place,” and the plaintive “Baby Please Come Home.” Throughout, Pidgeon displays a newfound confidence in her songwriting and her warm, nuanced vocals.

The deeply melodic “Slingshot” marks the third time Pidgeon and Grammy-winning producer Larry Klein (Joni Mitchell, Madeleine Peyroux, Herbie Hancock) have collaborated together. The two made an often intentionally quiet album that compellingly beckons the listener to lean in and pay attention. “There’s a simplicity and air and space to it,” she says. “That was a conscious decision.”